Is It Time to Cut Your Marketing Budget?!?

This week Krebsy is joined by Machines4U marketing director Mick Brown to discuss when, or even if, you should be cutting your marketing budget. And to finish off, Mick gives his top 5 tips to improve



Uplist™ - Listings & Leads App for Machinery Sellers

This week Krebsy is back with fellow co-host Lyndon as well as Machines4U Systems Architect Shivam to discuss the brand new Uplist™ app. You'll see just how much easier machinery selling is going to

Health & Discipline in Business ft. Rising Kings

This week Krebsy is joined by Rising Kings legend, Ben Salkeld, and former Gold Medal Olympian, Darren Harry, to discuss why health, fitness and discipline are so important. Not just for yourself, but

The Boardroom Sessions: Problem Solving ft. Mick Brown

This week, Steve sits down with Machines4U marketing director, Mick Brown, to discuss how the leadership team at Machines4U (also known as the Famous Five) go about problem solving issues in the busin

Top 6 Tips To Improve Your Business Today!

This week, Krebsy is joined by business coach, David Guest, from Outcomes Business Group, to discuss the top 6 things YOU could be doing to improve your business right now. Like, subscribe & hit the

Post COVID-19: Returning Back to Normal

In this episode, Krebsy is joined by special guests, Lance Hinrichsen of Tilly's Crawler Parts, and David Picone from Telford Smith, to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on their businesses, and wha

Are You Making the Most of Your Accountant?

In this week's episode, Machines4U Co-Founders, Steve and Luke, are joined by Zubair Dawood, of Zash Partners. Zubair is a chartered accountant with 2 decades' worth of experience and gives us a tonne

Is Your Business Ready to Handle $100K+ Machinery Deals Online?

This week, Steve, Luke and Shivam are joined by finance expert Jackson Elsegood, from to talk about the future of buying machinery online. They cover how to buy machinery safely, what you s

The Online Scams Arms Race - How to Protect Yourself Online

This week, Lyndon is joined by special guest Michael Barritt, Education & Information Officer for the NT Consumer Affairs, to discuss the recent online machinery scams spreading across the country. Th

The Truth About Traffic • Steel Pushers

This week, Krebsy is joined by SEO expert Sam Chalmers, Marketing Director Mick Brown, and Systems Architect Shivam Sinha to discuss the truth about traffic to machinery websites and marketplaces, wha

How to Hire the Right Staff • Steel Pushers

This week, Declan Kluver of Blended Employment is back behind the desk to discuss how to hire the right staff, even during these crazy times. Despite COVID-19, many businesses find themselves in need

The COVID-19 Interviews: The Sales Report

In this weeks episode of The COVID-19 Interviews, Lyndon gets the sales report from Timothy Hoadley from Chesterfield Australia, Peter Wilson from Equipment Specialists Australia, and George Surace fr

The COVID-19 Interviews: The Dealers

In the first of our Steel Pushers mini series The COVID-19 Interviews, Krebsy gets on Zoom with 3 dealers who are managing their businesses through this strange time. Krebsy talks to Peter Schilling f

Remote Leadership - Coronavirus Special • Steel Pushers

In an exciting change, Steel Pushers is going weekly for all of April! This week Steve is joined by the Machines4U leadership team: Co-Founder Luke Bruce, System Architect Shivam Sinha and Marketing D

The Real Story: Coronavirus Special • Steel Pushers

In this special episode, Steve contacts some of the Machines4U dealer members to get The Real Story about how Coronavirus is affecting them and the machinery industry. Want to know some of the tool

Lockdown - A Coronavirus Special • Steel Pushers

In a special episode, Steve is joined by fellow Co-Founder, Luke Bruce, to discuss the impact the Coronavirus will have on machinery dealers. They'll also discuss some of the ways you can stay afloat

The Modern Day Buyer • Steel Pushers

This week, Krebsy and Mick are discussing what you need to do to sell to the modern day machinery buyer. Big Orange Report Link

Breaking Down Brand • Steel Pushers

This week, Krebsy is joined by Machines4U Marketing Director, Mick Brown. To give you the tips and tricks for successful business branding in this competitive space. LinkedIn

Stop Wasting Sales Leads • Steel Pushers

This week, Krebsy and Lyndon are going to discuss HOW to handle your leads, WHO should be handling them, and understanding your buyer cycle. Socials: LinkedIn

Earning a Customer for Life • Steel Pushers

This week, Krebsy is joined by Peter McKeon from Salesmasters International to discuss how to earn a customer for life, and why professional sales development is key to a successful team. Socials: L

Business Owner Reality Check • Steel Pushers

This week, Steve is joined by business coach / legend, Kamahl Barhoush, to discuss planning strategies for 2020, ways to improve your business, and what sort of high-quality questions YOU should be as

Staying Relevant Over the Holiday Period • Steel Pushers

Steve and Lyndon are joined by the Machines4U team to discuss the importance of keeping in contact with your customers over the holiday period.

Ultimate Work Life Balance • Steel Pushers

This week, Steve is joined by high-performance coach Ben Salkeld of Rising Kings to discuss Steve's experience with the Rising Kings program, how it helped him bring discipline and motivation into his

Standing Out From the Crowd • Steel Pushers

Join Lyndon and Mick as they discuss how to stand out from the crowd. Then, after the break, Lyndon is Joined by Declan from Blended Employment to talk about his LinkedIn strategies and how they work.

Perfect Listings • Steel Pushers

Join Steve and Lyndon live at 1PM AEST as they discuss perfect listings and what you need to do to ensure you attract the most buyers to your machinery.